Thanksgiving Sunday 1st February 2015

Thanksgiving Sunday 1st February 2015

We had an amazing service this Thanksgiving Sunday. We thanked The Lord for keeping us in the month of January, and for blessing us, guiding us, protecting us, providing for us, healing us, helping us and all that He did. In January some of us celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, acquiring of property, retaining jobs, passing of driving tests and good academic results. We indeed had a lot to thank God for.

We also dedicated baby Adrian Chigariso to the Lord. We were taught that the essence of Baby dedication is to set apart and offer a child to the Lord for care and safekeeping. It is also an acknowledgement that as parents we are limited by our human nature and cannot keep an eye on our children at every given moment. We love and care for our children but still it is not possible to watch them every hour because we go to sleep and we go to work but the Lord watches them for us because he does not slumber nor sleep. Psalm 121:4-5 “Behold, He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep:. The Lord is your keeper, the Lord is your shade at your right hand”. The other reason we dedicate babies is that they are too young to make a decision to follow Christ; so as parents we choose to bring them before the Lord with the faith that when they grow older they too will choose to follow Christ.

Parents were encouraged to provide a godly environment in their homes so that their children would be raised up in a godly manner. Adrian’s parents were asked if they would commit to raising Adrian in a godly home and to teach him the ways of the Lord, and they agreed to do so. They were also asked to provide a loving environment for each other and for Adrian and not to expose him to anything that would distort the relationship between Christ and the church.

The church family was encouraged to support the parents and Adrian by providing a safe spiritual environment for them. Family, friends, and church family jointly have a responsibility to support Adrian and his parents and helping them to bring the best out of him. As Jesus welcomed children and blessed them, so should we.
Hannah dedicated her son Samuel to the Lord. Jesus was also dedicated to God in the temple when he was a baby. So child dedication is a biblical ordinance we must observe.

Pastor Fatima prayed for Adrian, blessed him and dedicated him to the Lord and she also prayed for his parents, Pelivia and Steward. After that we celebrated and gave thanks unto the Lord for the life of Adrian.

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