REJUVENATE - Women’s Retreat 2016 (Moments with Rev Cox)

Q: Please tell me about yourself – family and ministry background and a bit about how you came to be where you are today.

I was brought up in a Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) family and was educated in SDA schools. I then met my boyfriend (who later became my husband) and he was from a Pentecostal church background. His sister invited me to visit their church, so on Sundays, I’d go and visit their church and on Saturdays I would be at my church.
I saw the power of God at work in their church; I saw demons being cast out and even witnessed a witch-doctor being delivered. I would go home and ask my parents how come I never such things happening at our church. When my fiancé and I decided to get married, my church wouldn’t marry us because they believe anyone who worships on Sundays is in error. I got married in the Pentecostal church in 1978, and about four years later, I got born again. The ministers at the church that my husband I attended were missionaries from Canada – they were brothers, one was a teacher and the other was an evangelist, and they taught me everything I know. They based everything on the apostolic doctrine, and they taught the word of God as it is. I immediately began to flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and shortly after I started doing ministry. Seven years into our marriage, by God’s grace, my husband got born again. We have four children – three sons and a daughter, and we have one grandchild. Today, my husband and I work together as pastors.

Q: In terms of ministry, is there a particular group of people that you feel that you’re called to?

I would say that I function within the body of Christ generally in an apostolic ministry, specifically with regards to church planting and building. I also teach and God uses me in the prophetic and healing ministries. I have seen so many barren women conceive and I’ve seen God remove cancer from bodies (as verified by medical tests) as I have ministered. We have also seen, in our ministry, several people delivered from demonic oppression and possession.

Q: You wrote a book, “Protecting your Greatest Asset: Your Mind”, what was the motivation behind that? Why the mind?

It’s because I had an experience with a young man whom a friend brought to us so we could minister deliverance to him. He had been involved in drugs and his mind was messed up. It was one of the saddest cases I had seen. He was educated, had a good job and a wife and children, but at the time I met him, he didn’t have anything anymore – he had lost his family, his house, and his job. According to him, there was something in his head that would tell him he needed a fix, and it wouldn’t go away until he got one somehow, regardless of where he was.
When his money ran out, he would start selling his possessions. When I met him, he was distraught and he just wanted his life back. It was in the process of helping him with deliverance and mental healing that I got fascinated with the way the mind works. I realised that many times we want to cast out demons when the problem is actually the mindset and the solution is a renewal of the mind and thinking patterns.
That’s what led me to write the book. I wanted to explain that many times we talk about warfare as being about fighting things and other people out there, but warfare is actually in our minds. We are fighting against the arrows of the enemy like doubt, fear, negative and oppressive thoughts, and so learning to understand the battlefield that is in the mind and how to firmly shut the door in the face of wrong thoughts will help people to overcome.
I know a young lady who was a mental health nurse but later ended up as a mental health patient – She went into serious depression. She’d just sit not doing anything or saying anything and unable to take care of her young child. When we went to minister to her, nothing we did seemed to work. I decided that we had to try a different tack, so I went to her and pretty much said, “Your life is in your own hands. If you’re willing to get up, and in spite of how you may be feeling, get out of the house, clean up, take care of your child, and fight this thing, then things will be better. If you stay here and keep thinking these negative thoughts, you’ll only go deeper and deeper…” I had just finished writing my book at the time and I gave her a copy and told her I’d be back in a couple of weeks. When I went back, she had read the book and she was a changed person! Now she’s doing much better and getting better.

Q: Some people believe that it’s not possible for a true Christian to be depressed, what’s your take on this?

That’s a complete lie. A Christian can be depressed. When you read the book of Psalms, you’ll see that David expressed depression on many occasions. When he felt depressed, he encouraged himself in God; these encouragements are also recorded.
We can all get into depression at any stage of our walk with God, but we have to be mindful of that trap, and when you see it coming, deal with it immediately; don’t embrace it. Fight it with the word of God. That’s why God tells us to put on the whole armour because we need to fight. There is definitely a battle and the Christian is as involved in it as any other person, the only difference is that the Christian has hope in God, while someone without God has no hope. The Christian has the word of God to believe in, while someone without God has nothing to stand upon.
Remember the parable of the two houses, one on the sand and one on the rock – the same storm hit both, but the one on the rock remained standing.

Q: As women we often find ourselves tired and weary, depending on how many hats we have on. That’s why we need such things as this retreat, which is aptly themed ‘Rejuvenate’. What sort of advice would you give women here this weekend, and other, to help them stay rejuvenated?

A person who stays in prayer and in the word of God can’t go very far wrong. Whenever I am starting to go down or a bit low in my spirit, God puts a song or a word in my spirit and it lifts me up. That word doesn’t just appear – it comes from my spirit because I’ve put it there. We encourage people to study the Bible and memorize verses because by the word we war against the enemy. The word strengthens the shield of faith, and it is also the Sword of the Spirit. Jesus overcame the enemy by saying “It is written…”
Jesus explained that when a demon is cast out of a person, it goes away for a while and returns if it doesn’t find anywhere else to live. If it meets the house clean and empty, it comes back with seven more wicked spirits. What are we supposed to fill the ‘house’ with then so that this doesn’t happen? It’s the Holy Spirit and the word of God. Women should be women of prayer and of the word. They also must not entertain pity parties – sometimes we wallow in self-pity, but we shouldn’t. We need strong friends who will pull us out of that place. It is important for us to have friends who are spiritual and will encourage us to higher places in the things of God.

Q: Girls or young ladies in today’s society have a lot to deal with and a lot of voices speaking different things from many angles. What encouragement would you give them?

Firstly, the earlier you give your life to the Lord, the better it is for you. Keeping yourself pure can only happen when you develop the fear of God and that happens as you spend more time in God’s word. Get into prayer, talk to God often. Surround yourself with the right friends – the company you keep really matters. Also, engage with godly mentors. With regards to both friends and mentors, make sure they are people who fear God and stand for the truth; people who tell you what you need to hear and not just what you want to hear. Your mentors should be people who are not afraid to stretch you and challenge you in your walk with God. 

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