Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry

Our Men’s Ministry is totally devoted and given to the development of men at GHIC. We understand that true manhood is synonymous to Christ likeness, hence, our desire to emulate and imitate Him in the way we conduct ourselves. To do this, we study the lives of successful Christian men in the Bible and those in our world in order for us to understand how they handled certain challenges and difficulties during their time. We hope, by drawing from their success, our lives would be successful as theirs.


  • To promote brotherhood, friendship and fellowship among men.
  • To build men with a strong Godly character.
  • To help men assume their spiritual role in family, community and church leadership.
  • To provide training, counsel, mentorship, guidance and support to men that come to the church.
  • To equip men to faithfully apply Bible based principles in their daily lives.
  • To bring men to understand their purpose and God’s original intention for them.
  • To explore and address issues and needs unique to men.


To carry out these objectives, we create an environment that encourages growth in Christ through our mentorship sessions on Saturday mornings, our bi-monthly breakfast meetings and outreach programmes.

Alongside the Bible we read books by great men and discuss them, comparing their experiences with the teachings of the Bible.

Men’s Ministry is lead by Pastor Osien Sibanda and the men’s ministry team.

For more information or if you would like to get involved please contact