There is a great potential invested in the youth. They have an incredible ability to influence and be influenced.

The youth are present and future leaders, hence we recognise how vital it is to nurture, build and empower them to be effective in their generation. Each generation faces its own challenges so this ministry provides an atmosphere where these challenges are discussed and strategies and solutions are provided in order to empower the youth to contend for their faith and not yield to peer pressure.

We understand that every individual has talents, gifts and a God-given potential, which needs to be developed in the right environment and productively used to benefit others. This is done through interactive learning, various activities, coaching, topical research and many other avenues that provide arenas for acquisition and application of knowledge.

All GHIC youth leaders are CRB checked.

For more information or to get involved please contact Kemi Adetoro


This is aimed for people from age 18 through into their twenties. We meet every Friday 6.30pm at the church hall. Please contact Dr. Bisola Ezobi for more information about meeting dates and times.


The Teens Group of GHIC Youth Ministry exists to create a space for youth between the ages of 12 and 17 to have and to grow their relationships with God and other young people, and to express their gifts and abilities. Our aim is to teach teenagers godly values and life skills that will empower them in all areas of their lives in the years ahead. We currently meet on Friday evenings from 6:00 – 7:30pm, and you’ll find us doing different things, from exploring the Bible, to watching a film, to having an open discussion about a topical issue, to playing charades!

God's Daughters

Women's Ministry

God’s Daughters empowers women and young girls to address issues to do with their womanhood. It helps them realise their potential and identity in God. It equips them to develop both inner and outer beauty. Many women have faced challenges in life resulting in them having a distorted version of their value and purpose. Through the teaching of the word, mentoring, fellowship and fun, this ministry equips both women and young girls to deal with their past, embrace the present and anticipate a great future. It helps women to identify their gifts and talents and encourages them to use these to bless their generation. Room for expression and development of these gifts is afforded to them in a safe and loving environment.

Our Goals

  • To raise God fearing, Spirit-led, focused, confident, loving, productive and committed women who are empowered to positively impact and influence their world i.e families, communities, church, university, college, school and any other areas of engagement, workplace etc.
  • To raise women who read and apply the Word of God in their day-to-day lives.
  • To help women identify their calling and giftings so they may function fully as God intends.
  • To encourage women to develop themselves, expand their horizons and maximise their potential.
  • To help women fulfil their God-given role as suitable helpers in marriage.
  • To help women develop effective biblical parenting skills.
  • To help women develop a holistic approach towards serving God and each other.
  • To help women celebrate each other’s achievements, gifts and talents.
  • To provide a forum for care and support for any woman in need.

God’s Daughters is led by Pastor Fatima Sibanda and a team of ladies who desire to see women reach their full potential through this ministry.

If you would like to be involved, contact



As the name implies this department caters for the felt needs and welfare of the members of GHIC and our local community. Where a need is identified, the team provides relevant solutions. Various situations are attended to e.g. suffered bereavement (local and abroad), hospitalisation, home visits, job loss, low-income support, food parcels etc. We endeavour to meet felt needs as promptly as we can.

We cater for special occasions and celebrations such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We also welcome new guests and give them gift packs after each service.

The Welfare Team has an ‘Adopt A Student’ scheme where students are placed in families while away from home. Mayokun Adetoro leads the welfare team



Members of this group direct guests and congregants to their seats and assists with mobility in, out and around the hall. They welcome everyone who enters through the doors of the church and secure order during and after the services. They assist with collecting tithes and offerings. They also help with altar work during times of ministry to people.

This team is responsible for protocol during conferences and important church events. Alongside the Hospitality Team they ensure the safety and comfort of ministers. Included in this team are fire marshals, first aiders and parking/traffic wardens.


Team Leader: Isabel MacCarthy

Isabel MacCarthy has a heart to serve the Lord and loves connecting with new people. Isabel, now a graduate, joined GHIC in 2012 when she moved to Bristol to embark upon an Economics degree at UWE.



Our Transport Department is responsible for providing transport to and from Sunday services for people who struggle with transport on Sundays. We also provide transport to events such as Festival of Life in London and other conferences or retreats that church members are involved in. Our goal is to get you where you need to go on time and safely. We also hire the vans to individual church members for a nominal fee, as well as hiring to other churches and organisations.

We currently has 5 team members who are drivers and we are all volunteers and we are recruiting for more. If you are interested in joining us please contact us by email Generally you need to be at least 21 years old and have at least two years’ experience. You would need to provide both photo card and counterpart paper licence to be registered. Training on fleet management and driving related matters is currently being designed and will be delivered by Eric Robinson, an experienced bus driver of many years. We currently have one 17 seater minibus and an 8 seater people carrier and we are looking to grow this as funds allow. If you have a van or people carrier you no longer need and would like to donate it to us, please contact us using the email address above or call the church office on 0117 927 7375

Need a lift to church on Sundays? Or want to hire a minibus?

Fill in a booking form [PDF] or [DOC] and email to