30 March 2014 Mothers Day

Mothers Day: The Great Mothers of the Bible

Mothers in the Bible reveal to us that mother love is fierce and sometimes stubborn. In the Bible we see certain destinies of people that were established and shaped by the resilience and prayerfulness of their mothers. Mothers were very dominant – they were the discerner and faith bearers in the homes.

A typical case in point is an assessment of Timothy’s faith by Paul in 2 Timothy 1:5. “When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith in you, which dwelt first in your grandmother Lois, your mother, Eunice.” These two women chattered a life of faith that made Timothy the pastor we read about today. There are numerous examples of Great Mothers in the Bible and as we celebrate mothers’ day today, it is my prayer that every mother here will have the same Testimony, in Jesus’ Name!

The book of 2 Kings 4:1 and 8 presents us with two powerful mothers in the Bible.

In this chapter, the first woman found herself in a situation where her sons were about to be sold in order to pay for her dead husband’ s debts. The Bible identifies her as a certain woman. Imagine the shock of losing your husband and now both sons because of his carelessness. Such a challenge doesn’t just need a woman; you have to be a certain woman to overturn such a tragedy. This woman fought for her sons and refused that her sons be sold. Mother love can be fierce and stubborn! It’s good to refuse certain things sometimes. We see her account in verse 1. She understood who God was and cried out to Him and God delivered her out of that situation, turning it around for good in the end. She paid all her husband’s debts and created enough resources for her family to survive for the rest of their lives. This is a woman every man would want to marry! This is the mother every son would like to have! We are celebrating women who know God can change situations.

I am sure many of you have your own stories and testimonies of how you delivered your husbands and children from trouble. Rosa Parks, a great woman in America challenged the racist laws and sat on an empty seat that was reserved for white people in 1955. She set off protests that challenged and eventually changed the repressive laws. In 1956, 20000 women marched to the seat of government in Pretoria to challenge repressive laws. Mothers can change things. Please read the account of the certain woman and see how God responds to faith and prayer.

Verse 8 presents us with another woman who is identified as a great woman. She also rose to the occasion when the husband remained clueless. In every woman there is a certain woman, in every woman there is a great woman. The account of Mary in Luke 1:48 is another classic example of a great woman, “For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed.”. She professed what we still do today before she saw the face and the miracles of a Jesus. That is a woman of faith.

These women were fierce and stubborn; they fought for their children. They saw the future and potential in their children and refused to bury it. If you see the future then you too will fight, you will stand for your children today so that tomorrow they will call you blessed.

The great woman lost her son to an illness and refused to bury her. She asked her husband for permission to go and look for the prophet of God to raise her son. She took a donkey and drove to fetch the prophet of God. When the prophet tried to send his assistant, the woman demanded that the prophet attends to it. Good as well she did because the assistant failed to raise the child from the dead. Women can discern issues men wont pick up. We must celebrate and appreciate them. Barack Obama was raised by his mother. Look at the success she made out of him. You can read about how lost his father was in his book, The Dreams of My Father.

Mothers, generations will call you blessed!

Moses’ mother is another icon who deserves mention. She plotted a strategy to save her son when other women lost theirs after the Egyptian King sent an order to kill all the baby boys. Moses survived because of the tenacity and bravery of his mother. Her account is in Exodus 2. Talk of a woman who was stubborn, it was Jochebed. Here we learn that:

  1. A woman who is stubborn fights for her seed. This woman stood against the law and decided, “I am keeping this boy!” Just imagine what an agonising 9 months it must have been during that time not knowing if you were to have a boy or a girl. But she had faith in her God and could not allow someone to kill her son. We must wake up and fight for what we believe.
  2. With this law in place, the woman probably heard many stories and cries from her neighbours and was determined to say “not this one, not my seed”, “I will not allow it”. She stood her ground and was tenacious.
  3. There would have been no future for her son if she had not protected him.
  4. She was strategic –may The Lord make our mothers women of strategy. She made him a basket and ensured it would float. Still, she took a risk as the basket could have tipped over, or someone else could have found the child and reported it. But she trusted in God and took these risks. We put our children in cribs by sending them to school everyday, in doing this we must trust that God will keep them safe.
  5. Siblings – The woman also positioned Moses’ sister to watch out for him. Mothers, teach your children to watch out for each other.
  6. The woman placed the crib by the river – this is all about timing. Pharaoh’s daughter, the very daughter whose father is the one that gave the order to kill the Hebrew sons, found Moses. God can turn things around, trust in him and take the risk. Look at the woman and the oil in 2 Kings 4.

Today, we sing about Moses; how he was a leader, parting the red sea, who bought the 10 commandments. In a time where every other child like Moses was being slaughtered, his mother took a stand and decided that his future was too important to be killed. These are the testimonies that make us rise up today and celebrate mothers.

Happy Mothers’ Day to you all!

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