23 April 2014 -The Will to Grow

The Will to Grow

It is the thing that pulls me up,
that bids me come up higher,
that pleads with me not to stay the same,
that convinces me that the status quo
is not my sought-after haven.

It is the longing to be better,
It is the drive to improve,
It is the singular desire to be stretched,
It is the fortitude that bears the press,
and convinces me that it is worth the stress.

This passion fills me;
I am consumed by it,
Yet not addicted to it.
Perhaps because it is legit
so that while irrepressible, it is not irresponsible

It has been placed within
By the One from the beginning
In the hope that it will last, and not fade away –
It is the will to grow,
It is the desire to come into my own.


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