19 January 2014 - Benefits of Fasting

Benefits of Fasting.

Isaiah 40:27-31 “…those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength”.
We have to fast, having an understanding that we are not as perfect as we think we are, we are not as upright as we should be. When we wait on God, he tends to our needs. When we don’t seem to see the signs we’re expecting, we should remember that God is God, he does not answer us the way we want to be answered. He answers in his time. He knows your desires more than you know. Also God is not a man that he should lie Numbers 23:19-20. When it is his time, he is able to do all that he says he will do

In waiting upon the lord(fasting), one attains a new level of spirituality. We ought to rend our hearts and not our garments Joel 2:12-17. We need to give him all of us by staying away from addictions .e.g chocolate, soap operas.

Fasting is about subduing your flesh so that your spirit will be stronger. When we fast and pray the lord takes away our reproach. 1 Kings 19:7-14; 21:27 Ahab humbled himself and his calamity was taken away.

While waiting on God, don’t despise your vision, hold on to it. God revealed visions and prophecies to Daniel.
Moses fasted and the 10 commandments were given to him. Deuteronomy 9:9-11

Matthew 9:14-17 warns us to get ready for the new wine and get rid of the old while we fast. Other inexhaustible benefits of fasting can be seen in Joel 2:19; 2:21; 2:23-32.

Principles of fasting:

  • It must have a purpose
  • It increases your self control, saying food will not have dominion over me.
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Have an objective, avoid distractions.
  • Fasting without prayer is a place of negligence.