18 March 2014 - God That Helps His People

God That Helps His People

On Sunday Temitope Ezobi continued the series that Pastor Osien started last Sunday on The 5 Key Concepts of the Bible. He taught on Idea 3, ‘God Will Help His People’.

In reading through the whole of 1 Samuel 24, the story tells of how King Saul, who was rejected by God, was spared his life by David, whom he sought to kill.

In this passage, we see that there are some things that we are predisposed to as human beings. Below are three of several examples:

  • We are prone to jealousy. You can take this back all the way to the beginning in the story of Cain and Abel, where one brother was jealous of the other. 1 Corinthians 3:3 also tells us that this carnal nature is proof that we a just mere men, subjected to the flesh.
  • We rely on people or trust in ourselves. It is a natural thing for us to want to talk to people whether it is your parents, sister, friend or neighbour. We look to others first to deal with problems yet we do not realize that men will fail us. This is exemplified in Job 19:14 where he concluded that close friends and family have failed and forgotten him when he needed them most.
  • Wanting control. People like to feel in control, especially when it comes to their own life, how they spend their time, and future. Although it is not necessarily a bad thing, since we do need to have some level of control in some ways such as, daily or weekly planning, or in carrying out daily tasks like driving a car, control could be dangerous when it begins to affect our relationship with God and others. In Luke 12:13-21 Jesus was relating this to the fact that we should subject ourselves to spiritual things rather than carnal things. At times we would rather have control over our lives and the things we own rather than working towards self control, discipline and to focus on eternal things such as building treasures in heaven.

The way God helped David through his life can be typified in 1 Samuel 24 and gives us an idea as to how God helps his people. Below are a few points that elaborate this as taken from the events in 1 Samuel 24.

  1. David saw Saul in a vulnerable position and could have killed him easily in the cave. This Vulnerability of Saul Shows you that stepping out of God’s protocol, makes you more vulnerable and prone to death. This can be caused by not being in a godly surrounding, around godly friends, or not obeying God’s word. To be able to access God’s help or for him to reach us we need to remain within the boundaries of God’s love. We cannot afford ungodliness in our lives as this separates us from God.
  1. David was encouraged by his men to kill Saul. We should be careful where we get advice from. It should be premised on God’s word and rich with godly counsel. The advice we get could be detrimental to our purpose in life or God’s plans for us. Based on wrong advice, relying on the ‘arm of flesh’ or relying on ourselves, we could end up dealing with the wrong enemy or fighting in the wrong war.
    1 Samuel 24:6-7 tells of how David had to restrain his men to prevent them from rising against Saul. So what in your life will you restrain to prevent you from missing God’s will?He must have asked himself, ‘Did God really say this?’, in the same way we must learn to pause and question if every advice or decision we want to make is truly from God. Otherwise, we could miss the point and to start dealing with a situation in the wrong way.
    Romans 12:9-10 tells us “Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good. 10 Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honour giving preference to one another”
    Let us be careful not to wrongly fight, accuse or judge one another. It is better not to condemn the sinner, but to condemn the sin. You must pray for those that are lost rather than trying to fight them. This is what David did; he honoured Saul to that extent. He still saw Saul as God’s anointed and respected that.
  1. When you align yourself to God’s will he will fight your battles for you. Look at how Saul stepped out of God’s will when he disobeyed God and was rejected from being king. He found himself fighting to keep his position as he was removed from God’s covering and without His help. You cannot fight against God and His blessings. David understood that God is the only one that elevates and keeps his promises as seen in Romans 13:1. If God has promised you something, be patient and keep it in your heart instead of trying to cut corners. David also understood that killing Saul would not give him the kingdom because only God could determine that. If you are faced with a big decision and in doubt it is better to do nothing and wait on God to direct you than to be hasty and step out of God’s will.
    “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31. This is the assurance we must have with God.
  1. Many times we take the things of God trivially. Treating sacred things as common or normal may have adverse eternal consequences. When David called to Saul outside the cave he bowed his head and showed Saul respect even till the end. Taking God seriously could also mean making yourself open or available to divine direction or intervention
  1. The place of patience means to wait on God till his help arrives. David had to wait a long time to be king. It is recorded that he waited 14 years from when Samuel anointed him, before he became king. Would we be able to wait that long? Some of us would probably give up or forget Gods promise and try to help ourselves. Abraham, who was promised many descendants by God, had to wait a long time before God gave him his son Isaac. He lost patience at one point and succumbed to Sarah’s plea to have a son with their maid servant. This situation would have been avoided if Abraham had just waited solely on God.
  1. The arm of flesh will fail. Completely relying on God will enable Him to reach out and to help you. However, we do have a tendency to go to God when everything else has failed us and He is our last resort. God should be your number one; you must run to him first!

Psalms 121 is saying that help comes only from God. As long as you stay within the boundaries of His love and help, he can reach you and touch you.

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